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Robb Best is a distribution and marketing industry expert. He is a nationally recognized speaker, whose engagements take him throughout the US and abroad.

He has won numerous sales and design awards and is the creator of The Science of Selling, a sales and marketing system based on the latest findings in neuroscience.

Testimonial: "Robb is a stellar presenter who provides fascinating, yet pertinent information that will change the way you think, communicate with your customers, co-workers and friends, and ultimately change the way you live your life. If this content doesn't keep you on the edge of your seat, nothing will." – Kolette Sawyer, Sr. VP, Tulsa Federal Credit Union

Seminar/Workshop/Keynote Series

Utilizing the latest neuroscience research, Robb Best’s seminars and workshops are a fascinating exploration of how humans make decisions and ultimately plot the course of their lives. Robb’s knowledge and techniques, delivered in his inimitable style, will radically change the way you interact with your customers, your colleagues and even your family and friends.

  • Leadership: How to Reach the next Level
    True leadership goes beyond buzzwords. Discover the secret to becoming a superior leader. In this presentation, Robb delves into the links between information, knowledge and wisdom—and in the process, illuminates the path to respect, credibility, and insight. This class is indispensable for anyone who wants to have a positive, effect impact on the world around them.
  • Creativity: Boosting Performance by 40% or More
    Creativity is the engine that drives innovation. Learn the latest in how the brain assimilates information—and discover how you can set yourself up for a more creative approach to thinking and learning. Exploration in this seminar includes a discussion of Frans Johansson’s “Medici Effect,” and Kirby Ferguson’s “Copy, Combine and Transform,” model.
  • Strategy: Building a Winning Formula for Team Success
    Leonardo Da Vinci is considered by many to be one of the greatest minds of all time. Today, we can study his approach to escape the trap of reductionist thinking, and better understand complexity in our own lives. Combine the latest understanding of process analysis with the human element to create strategic breakthroughs in your next important project or decision.
  • Decision Making: the Essence of Great Leaders
    How effective is your current decision-making strategy? Science provides startling lessons about how the human brain actually makes decisions, and what you can do to increase your chances for making better choices. Discover the surprising reasons the famous pro/con list method is not well suited for the fast-paced 21st century.
  • Driving Powerful Change for Lasting Results
    Change: it’s fundamental to any improvement, and yet we all struggle with it, both professionally and personally. Uncover the latest findings in what drives the brain both toward and away from change. Understand how to avoid change fatigue and how to embrace positive change. This seminar is a must for any organizational leader.
  • Sales Ninja: The Latest Sales Techniques based on Brain Research(Parts 1, 2, and 3)"
    Becoming a Sales Ninja focuses on Robb’s proven 5-Step Selling Process. From overarching strategies to quick fixes with big payoff, learn how to ace every aspect of your customer interactions. Whether you’re in sales or marketing, leverage new insights in neuroscience to take your business to the next level—and get that all-important edge over your competitors. Part 1: The beginning steps Part 2: The intermediate steps* Part 3: A summation of the entire 5-Step Process (Attendance in Part 1 and 2 suggested) * Also available as a workshop
  • The Sales Brain: Building Presentations That Excite Your Customer
    Be prepared for any audience at any time. Learn tips and techniques to make your next presentation come alive through the latest discoveries in neuroscience. Develop and enhance your speaking skills, and learn how to turn the driest, most mundane information into a dynamic, compelling presentation. No matter your subject, deliver your message with poise, power and confidence.
  • Hunting and Qualifying New Business in a 24/7 World
    You know qualifying an opportunity takes time, money, and resources. Learn who you must see, and how to develop a neuroscience-based rationale that appeals to your customers’ best interest, tapping into the way they communicate and understand the world. This class is a must for your Outside Sales Force.
  • Justifying Your Bid: The Secret to Closing Sales Faster and Easier
    You’ve asked all the right questions, you’ve listened carefully to the answers, and you’re about to submit a bid to your customer. Don’t drop the ball now! In this seminar, Robb explains how to construct bids and proposals that will leverage the brain’s natural biases to your selling advantage. You might not think of bids and proposals as their own sales weapon—this seminar changes that.
  • Maximum Achievement: Harness Your Brain’s Potential
    Human behavior is built on habits. The right habits can mean the difference between success and failure. Learn how to take advantage of the basal ganglia, the brain’s own ‘computer programmer.’ Explore the pitfall of unintentional habit, and harness your brain’s natural ability to create ‘brain programming’ for accomplishing what you want to get done in life and business.
  • Reading Body Language: the Secrets of Non-Verbal Communication
    Did you know that 60-70% of our communication is transmitted by our body language? This seminar reveals our latest understanding of the meaning of body language. Learn the indispensable art of reading your customer’s gestures and movements. Know when it’s time to pack up your tent, and when it’s time to move in for the sale.
  • The Motivated Brain: Achieve It!
    Have you ever wondered what truly drives you and your fellow workers? Why are some people happily productive while others simply go through the motions? In this fascinating seminar, you’ll learn what science has revealed about motivation and people. Learn how to get into the zone or “flow,” and understand why it’s not always about the paycheck.
  • Time Management: Getting 30% more out of Your Day
    Not your typical time management class! Gain the personal insight and practical skills to develop and implement a framework for successful time management based on the latest discoveries in brain function. Adopt proven tools and techniques to make better day-to-day choices about investing your time and achieving your goals. (Also available as a workshop.)
  • You at Peak Performance: Becoming World-Class at What You Do
    What sets experts apart from the rest of us? Learn how to achieve and sustain top performance as Robb leads you through the Road to Success. Discover how to “re-wire” your brain with “apps” to better achieve your goals, from willpower to more efficient learning to lateral thinking. Achieve a level of focus and clarity in your work that can best be described as “being in the zone” or “flow.”
  • The Marketing Brain: Revolutionize your Reach and Results
    Discover the four communication patterns that color how we each approach the world. Learn why a standard “one size fits all” marketing approach will reach only about 25% of your intended audience—and ensure that your media and collateral engages with all 100%. See websites, print, and visual media in a whole new light as you learn to quickly judge why they work—or don’t work.
  • Spaced Learning: Connecting 10 Times Faster
    Make an impact. Uncover the latest in memory acquisition and learn how to stage effective learning modules in a fraction of the normal time, using one of neuroscience’s most efficient shortcuts. This seminar is great for learning how to teach industry knowledge, policies, processes and procedures or anything else that usually requires a huge time investment. Spaced learning is a must-attend class for new sales professionals, and a brand-new tool for seasoned veterans.
  • Customer Experience: Make Customers Your Most Powerful Weapon
    Your customers are your business. Customer Experience is the essential secret weapon for today’s top brands. In this seminar, learn how to grow and retain your customer base by employing a variety of strategies, including the Kano model. Develop and orchestrate the kind of customer experience that inspires lifelong loyalties—and makes word-of-mouth your least expensive but most powerful marketing tool.
  • Turn Your Showroom into a Selling Machine
    Most buying decisions take place in the emotional center of your customer’s brain. In this seminar, you’ll discover fascinating ways to appeal directly to those emotions, simply by tweaking your surroundings. Learn how to maximize showroom ambiance and product displays to transform the average showroom into a formidable selling system.

About the seminars

All seminars and keynote addresses are customizable and typically run 1 to 1.5 hours. (Becoming a Sales Genius Seminars #1, #2, #3 can be expanded to up to 3 hours each.)

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