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Robb Best is a distribution and marketing industry expert. He is a nationally recognized speaker, whose engagements take him throughout the US and abroad.

He has won numerous sales and design awards and is the creator of The Science of Selling, a sales and marketing system based on the latest findings in neuroscience.

Testimonial: "Robb is a stellar presenter who provides fascinating, yet pertinent information that will change the way you think, communicate with your customers, co-workers and friends, and ultimately change the way you live your life. If this content doesn't keep you on the edge of your seat, nothing will." – Kolette Sawyer, Sr. VP, Tulsa Federal Credit Union

Seminar/Workshop/Keynote Series

Utilizing the latest neuroscience research, Robb Best’s seminars and workshops are a fascinating exploration of how humans make decisions and ultimately plot the course of their lives. Robb’s knowledge and techniques, delivered in his inimitable style, will radically change the way you interact with your customers, your colleagues and even your family and friends.

About the seminars

All seminars and keynote addresses are customizable and typically run 1 to 1.5 hours. (Becoming a Sales Genius Seminars #1, #2, #3 can be expanded to up to 3 hours each.)

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