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Do you want to dramatically improve your selling performance?

Do you want to uncover the tips and tricks that set the sales geniuses apart from the rest?


In this book, multi-award-winning sales expert and Brain Apps author Robert Best will show you how to leverage the latest in neuroscience research to sell directly to your target: your customer's brain.


  • Learn why and how you should always appeal to your customer's emotions.
  • Discover the weird quirks of the human memory that keep you from making an impact on your customer—and how to overcome them.
  • Master the four buying profiles that will reveal where your customer is coming from—and how to best speak to each one so that you can connect with nearly everyone who walks through the door.
  • Craft a quote that works in your favor every step of the way,boosting your chances of making the sale.


Whether you're a novice or a sales veteran, understanding how the brain works will make your job easier, clearer, and more lucrative. Plus, you'll find some cool and surprising facts along the way.

Selling To The Brain - Authors Notes PDF

  • Note: This product is a pdf of the Author's Notes which you will receive by email.

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