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October 31, 2019

Fire: these days, starting one is as easy as flicking the switch on a gas stove. But if you’ve ever been on a camping trip, you know first-hand how elusive a good fire can be. Especially when deprived of our modern tools, fire-starting can be quite an ordeal, leaving t...

October 10, 2019

Do you have an addictive personality?

No. No, you don’t.

How can we be so certain? Well, as it turns out that technically speaking, there’s no such thing. “The idea of an addictive personality is more pop-psychology than scientific,” writes Stephen Bright in The Conversa...

October 4, 2019

Got an important decision to make? If you’re feeling hungry, new research suggests you should probably have a snack or a meal before you commit to a choice.

Those are the findings from Dr. Benjamin Vincent of the University of Dundee’s Psychology department. Dr. Vincent...

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January 23, 2020